Man I have allergies again, why is it that everytime that the sun comes out and it’s freaking beutifull outiside I have allergies. I mean I still remember a time when I didn’t have this problem, I could run outside and not have to worry about things like ” I took my allergy pill today so hopefully I’ll be fine” or “hopefully I won’t get stuffed up today and have a headache”. Yeah that sucks big time for me, cause I’m an outside kind of guy. I like to actually enjoy a day without worrying about stupid crap like allergies lol. Do you have allergies? How do you deal with it?


Blogging from the iphone

Ok for the sake of testing I have downloaded my WordPress app for the iPhone and I’m going to post this and see what happens, I think I can really do quick posts with this app but Im not sure about lengthy posts. If you have posted or are posting with the iPhone app let me know what you think about it.

The return…

“The return…”, really that is all I could begin this blog title with, I have recently began thinking of blogging again, I will have to admit to everyone that the reason I started blogging in the first place was due to one of my friends from work. Her name is Corie and she was just so¬†passionate about blogging (…why does my office smell like pancakes….sorry) and cupcakes, yeah seriously…cupcakes. Oh well, I personally love to see people be passionate about anything, I guess its the emotion or how they act. But any who I’m blogging again because I feel like I have things to share that might just help someone or if anything else just laugh at it and say “this guy is insane” or at the least “wow”.

But the tell you what I’m going to do is, read some blogs and get some ideas on how to blog, because to tell you the truth I’m pretty sure there is a guide out there for it. Then I will figure out some times that I can blog and if anything topics or just stuff that I think people will like. So feel free to come back whenever you like this week or even today, since I downloaded the iphone app again to for WordPress, I will be probably blogging on the go, which sounds fun (hum iphone blogging) .

Well thanks for reading and I love comments and opinions so feel free to leave any if you wish.

Enjoyment of time

You know it’s sometimes hard to try to enjoy the weekend when you are paying attention to the time and figure out what you have left to do for the day. Like today, I seem to always try to fit as many things as possible into one day. I keep trying to break away from this habbit but it just isn’t working.


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What weekends? What happen to those days that you could just relax and chill at the house without worrying about going somewhere that is what the week is for, or atleast that is that I thought.

Well not this weekend, it seems that the forces are against me once again now I am off to get my measurements for my tux so I’ll repost later and let y’all know how it went

The kinG

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Well it seems now that I’m on my way to
blogging again. This comes not from nothing else but pure need to release my thoughts.

Ok well now I’m able to post my blog comments from the comfort of my bed which is preety handy, I’m using my iPod touch to make thee posts and it’s just easy. So posting should not be an issue any more. (I hope)

My nEw hArleY!

Well I have now had my new barley for the past two months and it has been a dream, I take that bike everywhere and I love it. It’s just something about the road that screams out at ya and calls you. The wind, the road, the open scene.